Thursday, 30 July 2015

Padmashree Janak Palta McGillian was guest lecture at CMS Campuses

Padmashree Janak Palta McGillian was guest lecture at CMS Campuses. She gave enthralling information to our children on Sustainable Development – a need of the hour.
By means of an interesting presentation she showed how she has devoted her entire life to this cause together with her husband Jimmy Mcgillian. Her list of chores include schools for tribal girls, educating them, training them to earn a livelihood. She has set up Barli Development Institute where they practice all the method of energy conservation – Rain Water Harvesting, Afforestation, Sprinkle Irrigation etc. One of the remarkable feature is the use of Solar Energy – Solar cooker, Solar Frier, Solar Drier, Solar Ironing is practiced which saves money and power as well. In Chattisgarh people an using fuel briquettes made out of waste paper, wood etc.
She has rendered her serious in Jhabua and Dattingman for Nirmal Gram Yojna for providing sanitation in the area. She has made the rural people eradicate guinea worm in 302 villages.
Padmashri Dr. Janak Palta McGilligan made an excellent power point presentation on the theme of Sustainable Development based on her thirty years of experience as a social worker in Madhya Pradesh (Indore) empowering the tribal and rural women and girls. At the inaugual session, Mr. VN Garg, Dr. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon were also present.
She was a co-facilitator with Mrs. Farida Vahedi for the training of environment coordinators and Junior Youth Empowerment teachers of all campuses of CMS.
She made presentation to the CMS students and staff of 11 campuses of CMS from 22nd to 25th June 2015. (Gomti Nagar II, Anand Nagar, Maha Nagar Campus I and II, Rajendra Nagar Campus I, II & III, Asharfabad Campus, Kanpur Road Campus, Aliganj Campus I & II.

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